Treatment Providers should use our GLN invoicing option for fast and secure processing.

PrimaCare's GLN number: 57 90 00 23 27 100

If you have questions about the procedure, you are very welcome to contact our accounting team (weekdays 9-16) on telephone 78 79 39 40 # 2 or email:

It is possible for therapists to send an invoice by e-mail for payment:

Note: If you use E-mail to forward your invoiceto us, you must ensure that you can communicate securely with us, and thus comply with the Personal Data Ordinance.

We can be contacted on phone 78 79 39 40 (press 2  and then 1 to get to PrimaCare's billing team) or send an email to Always remember to note the reference number that the inquiry is about.

The number of treatments is always determined on demand and the number is stated in the payment guarantee.

However, the number of treatments on a payment guarantee on Chronic Disease or the HealthCare Guarantee is determined in advance and here the policyholder must request his insurance company for more treatments.

You must always note the current reference number, which covers the treatment date and the number of treatments requested.

You must enter the portal and complete the process with an adequate justification and send an invoice for a first-time treatment.

It is settled when the course is completed.

The payment guarantee states a validity date.

If the policyholder has started earlier than this, he must contact his insurance company himself.

With a doctor's referral means that it is a case with a referral and the treatments must thus be invoiced according to current health insurance rates.