Do you want to become part of the psychologist network at PrimaCare?

Who is PrimaCare A/S?

PrimaCare is a network provider for the insurance and pension industry, specifically in the healthcare sector. We have existed for +5 years and during that time have focused exclusively on psychologist, physiotherapy and chiropractor treatment. So far, we have facilitated +50,000 completed courses across our core services. The company is founded by players from both the healthcare world and the insurance industry. The collaboration between the two business backgrounds and competencies has proven to be able to deliver extremely advantageous treatment courses measured in terms of quality, effect, satisfaction and not least economy.

We offer

  • Automatic access to clients
  • Exciting professional challenges
  • Independence and freedom to solve the task
  • Variation in the tasks
  • Customer and processing flow put into system and supported by proven procedures and IT systems


Unique approach to dialogue and communication

We hold personal conversations with new network psychologists and are subsequently available to them in the daily operation. We are in an ongoing positive dialogue with the Danish Psychologists' Association to be close to the industry's challenges and prepare our own. We are in touch with users before-during-after treatment via intelligent online questionnaires that decode effect and satisfaction. We offer our customers a comprehensive documentation of the effect and satisfaction with treatment provided to their end users, as well as identification of high-risk groups and proactive response. We continuously inform the therapists about their own achieved score and benchmark for reference. Our IT systems are generally designed to create an automatic and easily accessible communication flow between us, the user and the processor.


A clear health professional direction

We primarily have psychologists with cognitive education, and we have affiliated many psychologists with experience in ACT. The ACT psychologists' treatment approach involves the client and his or her own resources in an active and action-oriented approach to health and restored balance. From experience, this is often a process that clients benefit from and are happy with.

Do you want to know more?

If you are interested in becoming part of a network of highly qualified psychologists, you can send an unsolicited application. Please describe your professional interests, qualifications and also attach a CV with a description of your continuing and further education. Of course, we expect you to be authorized in Denmark.

We all know our psychologists personally and appreciate this. It will therefore be crucial to meet before a collaboration can be entered into.

Contact our Treatment Provider Manager

Anne Sofie Olesen

Team Manager Mental Health