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PrimaCare ensures a large network of quality-assured therapists. Dansk Sundhedssikring provides healthcare expertise. FIDIMI offers preventive initiatives. Together, we form Oona Health, which ensures that our customers are in good hands all the way.

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Oona Helth, which owns PrimaCare, is owned by the British specialist fund AnaCap Financial Partners. AnaCap is the main shareholder - in addition to a number of minority shareholders.

AnaCap is the leading investor in the market for medium-sized European companies, primarily in the financial sector.

Since 2005, they have managed assets worth € 5.1 billion through more than 85 investments in 15 European countries. They have offices in London, Luxembourg, New Delhi, Madrid and Lisbon.

The name AnaCap is part of their approach to Investment Analytics before Capital. Their investment strategy is based on a disciplined, operational and data-driven investment approach.

Utilizing its unique knowledge of companies in the financial sector, AnaCap is an active Private Equity investor, generating value through a dedicated operating model and proven M&A programs. In terms of investment, it is managed with a focus on use and optimized utilization of data.

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Oona Health

Oona Health

Oona is a contraction of Observe, Orientate, Navigate and Act. These four words forms the foundation for our values and are rooted deep within the organization. They represent our approach to our customers, our employees, our business and are the keystones to our success.

Observing the needs, trends and requirements from the society, the market, our customer, and our employees helps direct us into new ways we can grow with the task in front of us – continuously delivering high quality health insurance.

This we can not do without Orientate us on the needs of our customers and our providers, the healthcare market both national and global as well as trends and science to help us improve and grow.

We Navigate the needs of our customers thoroughly to ensure the best outcome for them. But we also Navigate on a higher level, to always be ahead of what to come so that we continuously deliver the best health insurance.

And we Act on what we see, on what and when is needed. We use the knowledge we have, to help others, to always be our best and to always stay ahead.